Hi there! We are a duo of students at The University of Western Australia, and we have undertaken this project as a part of our assesment. However, it has progressed beyond a mere assignment for us. Whilst writing these posts, we are equally captivated and increasingly aware of the global health and social justice issues that we were once oblivious to. This is as much as learning process for both you and us.

We aim to increase awareness on the health inequalities between developed and developing countries, that arise as a consequence of climate change and global warming. Climate change is a global problem, and actions need to be undertaken now to mitigate and eventually reverse its effects. In extension, we hope our posts will impassion and motivate you to act upon reducing these inequalities. We want you to recognise that your individual efforts are never too small to make a difference.


To increase awareness of the effects of climate change and its impact on health inequalities that stem from inequitable distribution of power and resources. And, to empower the wider public with the knowledge required to act upon reducing these inequalities.


To inform and empower individuals with knowledge at their fingertips, to eradicate health inequalities associated with climate change.


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